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If pain prevents you from going about your daily activities, steroid injections at the Phoenix office of Stacey D. McClure, MD, PLLC, may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Steroid injections can make you more comfortable and may help you avoid or delay surgery. Use the online scheduler or call today to book your appointment with Dr. McClure.

Injections Q & A

What kind of injections help with pain?

Dr. McClure often prescribes corticosteroid injections for chronic pain. If your pain doesn't respond to physical therapy, steroid injections are often a good short-term option for pain relief. Steroid injections are so helpful for pain because they dramatically reduce inflammation, which is often the main cause of your pain.

How do I prepare for steroid injections?

You'll discuss your current medications with Dr. McClure before your scheduled injection. If you're taking aspirin or other blood-thinning medications, Dr. McClure may tell you to stop taking them temporarily, and then resume after the procedure.

Ask a family member or friend to drive you to and from your steroid injection appointment; you shouldn’t drive because you’ll be given anesthesia. The appointment may take a couple of hours.

How do steroid injections work?

In most cases, Dr. McClure administers a local anesthetic like lidocaine to numb the injection area. He may also give you a low dose of a sedative to help you relax.

Guided by a fluoroscope, Dr. McClure places a slender hollow needle directly into the area where you need pain relief. In some cases, he may inject contrast dye to verify that the needle's in the right area.

Once the needle is properly placed, Dr. McClure administers the steroid medication before removing the needle slowly.

What is recovery like after steroid injections?

Most patients can return to their regular routine the day after their steroid injection. If you experience any soreness, apply an ice pack to the injection site and take a mild over-the-counter pain reliever recommended by Dr. McClure.

When will I get results from steroid injections?

You can usually expect to experience symptom relief within a week of your steroid injection. Your pain relief can last for from a few days to a few months. During this time, undergoing physical therapy can help your long-term healing.

How often can I have steroid injections?

You should only have a few steroid injections a year. Dr. McClure discusses your exact limits with you to plan the best pain relief schedule for your needs.

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