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When you need knee surgery, rely on an expert orthopedic surgeon to guide you through every aspect, from preparation before the surgery to physical therapy afterward. Fellowship-trained and Phoenix-based orthopedic surgeon Stacey D. McClure, MD, PLLC offers knee replacements, ACL surgery, fracture repair, and other knee surgeries based on your needs. Book your appointment online or by phone today.

Knee Surgery Q & A

What are the types of knee surgery?

Dr. McClure performs several types of knee surgery, including:

Knee replacement

Dr. McClure removes the damaged parts of your knee and replaces them with biocompatible metal and plastic. Knee replacement patients are up and walking the same day.

Arthroscopic ACL/MCL/PCL

In arthroscopic surgery on the anterior cruciate, posterior cruciate, or medial collateral ligament, Dr. McClure creates a small buttonhole-sized incision above your knee.

He uses an arthroscope, a slender tool with an integrated lighting and camera system, which generates an image that appears on a nearby monitor. Dr. McClure repairs or replaces your damaged ligament using miniature surgical instruments.

Arthroscopic ligament surgery has about a six-month total recovery period. You’ll start physical therapy one week after the operation, with the first week spent on exercises that aren’t weight-bearing.

Arthroscopic meniscus

In arthroscopic meniscus surgery, Dr. McClure repairs your damaged cartilage. After this surgery, you’ll be up and walking the same day. Physical therapy starts at three days after the operation.

Fracture repair

Knee fracture repair surgery can vary widely based on the type of knee fracture you suffered. Your fracture repair may include simply setting the bone, or may it include more complex fixes that include pins or plates.

How do I prepare for knee surgery?

Dr. McClure discusses with you what you can expect before, during, and after your surgery to help you prepare in the optimal way. The exact preparation guidelines depend on what kind of knee surgery you’re having.

You may need to temporarily discontinue certain medications, and if you smoke, it's best to stop well before your surgery. You’ll need some assistance at home after your knee surgery, so arrange for a friend or family member to stay with you or otherwise be available.

With most knee surgeries, you'll be up and walking again quite quickly. Because you won't be able to drive right away after surgery, arrange for transportation to and from your physical therapy appointments.

Should I consider injections instead of surgery?

In some cases, injections might be an alternative to knee surgery. However, steroid injections are a short-term solution that you can only repeat a few times a year. Dr. McClure helps you find the solution that’s best for you.

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