Shoulder Surgery

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Shoulder surgery can repair the kind of serious issues that prevent you from enjoying a normal range of motion. Stacey D. McClure, MD, PLLC, a highly skilled orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist in Phoenix, offers a number of shoulder surgeries including arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, bicep tendon repair, arthroscopic labrum repair, and more. Schedule online or by phone now.

Shoulder Surgery Q & A

What are the different kinds of shoulder surgery?

Dr. McClure performs a variety of shoulder surgeries, each targeted to specific conditions and needs. The surgeries include:

Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair

Dr. McClure makes a small buttonhole-sized incision in the skin just above the rotator cuff, which consists of the muscles that cover your upper arm bone to help with arm movement and rotation.

Using an arthroscope, a pen-sized tool with a miniaturized lighting and camera system, Dr. McClure can see your entire rotator cuff area on a nearby monitor. He then uses specialized instruments to perform the necessary repairs. You can expect to begin physical therapy five days after your arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery.

Arthroscopic labrum repair

In arthroscopic labrum repair, Dr. McClure places an arthroscope and surgical instruments through a small incision just above the labrum in your shoulder.

Your labrum is fibrocartilage that helps keep your shoulder joint in position, but if it’s torn you need a repair to maintain normal shoulder movement and to stay pain-free. After arthroscopic labrum repair, you’ll start physical therapy five days later.

Manipulation under anesthesia

Manipulation under anesthesia is the go-to treatment for frozen shoulder, also called adhesive capsulitis. If you have frozen shoulder, you can’t move your shoulder freely, or you have severe pain when you try to do so.

During this procedure, Dr. McClure moves and stretches your shoulder to release the shoulder capsule that’s preventing movement. You start physical therapy the day after shoulder manipulation under anesthesia.

There are also other types of shoulder surgeries, including fracture repair, bicep tendon repair, and rupture repair, that Dr. McClure can perform based on your needs.

How do I prepare for shoulder surgery?

Dr. McClure goes over with you all the preparation guidelines and what you can expect before and after your surgery. The specific preparation instructions can vary based on the type of shoulder surgery you’re having.

You might need to temporarily stop taking certain medications, and you should stop smoking ahead of your surgery as well. You’ll need transportation to and from your surgery, and also for your physical therapy appointments because you can’t drive immediately after your shoulder surgery.

Would injections work as well as surgery?

Injections might be an option, but their impact is temporary. If your shoulder pain keeps returning, a surgical procedure is often the better option for long-term relief.

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